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Developer Settings are missing, how to enable? Click here and follow the guide!
Enable Developer settings, follow this guide: How to access the developer settings tutorial

The app asks me to enable "Mock locations"?
Yes, this is done to set you up for location spoofing.
As of Android 6.0 you need to select the Fake GPS Free app from the app list under Mock Locations. Once you press enable the app will take you to the Developer Settings, you need to scroll a bit until you find the proper setting called Mock Locations.

Other apps are detecting Fake GPS Location Spoofer installed on the device?
This answer applies ONLY! if the app you are using is specifically telling you that it detects third party spoofing apps installed on the device! Do not clone our app if the app/game doesn't warn you specifically!
You will have to make a duplicate of our app and uninstall the original one from the Play Store. Unfortunately you will not be able to install updates from the Play Store over the new copy and you will have to repeat the process for each app update.
Download the App Cloner app
App Cloner

Open the App Cloner, navigate to Fake GPS Location Spoofer, change the name, the icon colour and add a badge to know that it is a clone.
Press on the "Mark" button, wait until it duplicates, press Install when prompted. Uninstall the original App or any other apps which might be detected.
Please note that you do not need to generate a new Maps Api key with our app as this is already provided for.

After I used the app Poke Go is not working? When I use the app, it says "Failed to detect location 12" ("Unable to detect location 12", "Standort kann nicht ermittelt werden 12" etc.)
Pokemon Go detects the mock location. Here are a few reasons for this. Depending on the Android version and your Android security patch, there are different solutions.
On Android 5.0 and below (Android security patch date is irrelevant for these older devices): you have to root your phone with Magisk and hide root afterwards. Then you can enable Expert mode from our Joystick app as explained in the respective FAQ page. Just search on Google for phone model+ your Android version + root+ Magisk and you will find a tutorial for your device.

If you are on Android 6.0 and above enable Mock locations with the No-root mode and it will not be detected. If you need joystick, get our pro app with joystick (not the old one without one!)

If you are on Android 6.0 and above with a security patch after or from March 2017 then enable No-root mode with the wait dialog.

Make sure your Google play services update date is before July 2018(read the FAQ answer on the topic above) and clear all data from Google play services as explained in the answer

For all phones: if you can root your phone with Magisk or install TWRP and move our Joystick pro app to system/priv-app to enable expert mode, this is better so make sure to follow the tutorials!

What is the new "No-root mode" (Android 6.0 and above)?
This is a new mode of operation to fake your location, specifically developed for non-rooted phones running Android 6.0 and above. You can enable it under the app "Settings" (3 dots in the right top corner and then press Settings). Please test it with "High accuracy" enabled. Could lead to "rubber-banding", moving from the fake location to the real one, unless you tin-foil your device (wrapping a few thick layers of kitchen foil behind the phone and around its edges).

"No-root mode" and "Wait Dialog No-root mode" stopped working ("Google play services" updated and the app warns me)?

A recent update, July 2018, of the hidden service called Google play services, which is a separate app and not the same as the Google Play Store (the Android equivalent to the AppStore), is causing issues with these modes. So far the best method is to uninstall updates.

1. Go to Android Settings - Device admin apps (use the settings search to find it as it is hard to find) and uncheck "Find My Device" (you can check it again after you are done). Do the same for "Google Pay" if it is available and selected.
If there are other apps listed under Device admin apps, just disable them too temporarily.
Some older devices might not have device admin apps. If you don't find device admin apps (just type in: device in the settings search) just move to step 2 and if the uninstall from step 2 doesn't work, go back to step 1 and search for "Phone administrators".

2. Uninstall updates of Google play services. Open Fake GPS - App settings - Google play services (click on the version and it will take you to the App Info page). Take a screenshot of your current version, you will use this information in step 4.
Once inside the Google play services - App Info page, press the menu (3 dots at top right) and choose uninstall updates. If you receive uninstall updates unsuccessful then you did not remove all apps from Device admin apps (step 1).

3. Google play services will go back to an older date. Move to step 4.

4. Now you need to upgrade the Google play services to a fairly new, working version from May 2018, 12.6.87 (check the digits before the "-" to match yours from the screenshot in step 2) and install it over the default one. Here is the link: Press here to download 12.6.87 Google services (check the digits before the dash "-" to match your original version from the screenshot step 2) Once you download the file press install and follow through until it is installed. Go back to Fake GPS Settings and confirm the version is 12.6.87

5. Clear all data from the services app afterwards ("Google play services Info App"-"STORAGE" -> "MANAGE SPACE" -> "CLEAR ALL DATA") and verify the version your Google play services using Fake GPS Route Settings app - it should say 12.6.87

If your game is not loading or signing in, you got the wrong version in step 4. You have to download the proper version for your device, so pay attention to step 4 carefully and if needed upgrade your Google play services again and write down the exact full version between the "(" ")" of Google play services, so that you can use it to find your version on and downgrade.

Some videos of this process:
YouTube Video 1

YouTube Video 2 (a little misleading, as it doesn't explain step 4 correctly)

If you want to prevent the Google play services from updating in the background: Go to Settings - search for Google play services (or press the Google play services version inside Fake GPS settings) and click on Data usage/Mobile data. Uncheck background data. If this doesn't help, disabling the play store temporarily for the duration of spoofing will prevent Google play services from auto updating too.
Go to Settings - Apps - Play Store - App Info and press disable. The play store icon will be removed. To enable it, go to the Settings - Apps- Play Store - App Info again and re-enable it.
Enabling auto update inside Google Play Store has no effect on Google play services!

Unfortunately, moving forward, the only effective way to work around these limitations will be to enable Expert mode which involves either rooting with Magisk and hiding root or using twrp custom recovery to modify the pro app with joystick to be a system/priv-app (free app doesn't have expert mode enabled).

"No-root mode" (Android 6.0 and above) and Expert mode issues with the new "Google play services" update from 2018 (blue dot drifting and jumping of locations, blue location dot not moving, slow timeout window, timeout window taking too long or red warnings, no location spoofing)?
There seems to be an update of the "Google play services" app which prevents the No-root mode from working correctly on some devices with a particular game. Few solutions exist to this problem. The first is to clear app data and cache on the play services app. To do so you need to locate the "Google play services" app page under "Android Setting" -> "Apps" or using our link inside the Fake GPS App settings and open "App info" and go to "Storage" - "Manage space" - "Clear all data".

The other option is to "Uninstall updates" from the "Google play services" menu and hope that it doesn't cause any issues (answer regarding no root mode, 12.6.87 downgrade).

To be able to "Uninstall updates" on the "Google play services" you will also need to disable "Find My Device" under "Security & Location" and keep it disabled for the duration of spoofing

We also suggest to disable No-root mode, apply the fake position with No-root mode disabled a few times via start/stop, then re-enable No-root mode and repeat. Blocking the GPS signal is also important with this update.

Clear data from Google Maps app as well (hold the icon and click "App info" and then "Storage", clear data)

"No-root mode" (Android 6.0.1 and Nougat 7.1.1 and 7.1.2) after the new March 2017 Security Patch from Google?
To check your security patch level go to "Android Settings -> About phone -> Android security patch level". If the date is after February 2017 then the No-root mode will still work with some limitations, explained in the app when you enable the No-root mode (if you have done so just disable and re-enable "No-root mode" to see the dialog). Here is an interesting youtube video from an user explaining what to do with the limitations on all updated Security patches since March 2017 (April, May, June etc.) - uses the Joystick Pro app as reference.
So, as you can see from the video, the No-root mode will still work and our apps are the only ones that still work after March 2017, but for optimum results without the need to refresh your location you need to use the Expert mode from one of the Pro apps with Joystick and Routes, which requires rooting the phone and moving the app as system app. You can unroot it after that.

To see the benefits of using the "Expert mode" with the latest Security Patch have a look at this user video of the Joystick app with enabled "Expert mode". Thank you for sending it to us.

No-root mode with wait dialog and the joystick: GPS error 11
This is a regular error due to your security patch and Android version date. Just keep refreshing the location with the joystick and it will go away. If you want to extend the period between errors, you have to clear all data from Google play services (once again, not the play store, Google play services) Clearing all data from Google play services just clears the location caches, doesn't not touch any of your apps or other settings (except the backup account, which you will be prompted to setup again, no backups are lost!). Additionally, blocking the GPS signal until this app GPS status toolbar shows no satellites and 0 error will help you in the process. How to properly block the signal is explained in our rubberbanding answers.

If you don't see anything on the game map or nothing is loading, this could mean that you jumped too far out. Just start from your real location and move the fake location in increments explained in the so called "cool-down chart".

And of course, the phone has to have Android location settings enabled and set to "High accuracy"!

Troubleshooting "No-root mode" before writing an email! (aka "I read everything in your stupid FAQ, still rubberbanding" or the better and more "helpful" to us version: "I read everything, still not working")

This troubleshooting guide is for specific purposes only - if you intend to use the app as "intended", for its developing purposes, you don't need No-root mode with High Accuracy and you don't need this guide. Please note that No-root mode depends heavily on your Android Version and Android Security patch date! It is only available on devices with Android 6.0 and above. For devices with Android 6.0 and above and a Security patch before and excluding March 2017, you can use GPS only with blocked GPS signal. For Android 6.0 and above and a Security patch date after March 2017 including, you MUST set the phone to "High Accuracy". In this configuration the Update interval has no effect so don't change it. If you are a Developer this guide is not for you - just disable No-root mode and turn on "GPS only" and you can spoof your Developer App and Google maps fine without issues. This guide is for all these special cases when you want to spoof deeper into the system and beyond Google maps…

1) First, you need to REALLY and ACTUALLY read everything. Not just the answers that interest you. We really mean EVERYTHING! Follow each linked guide, watch every video without skipping. Without doing the extra work you will probably fail, especially if you just want an app to "click around". There are almost 8000 Android variants out there and each Android device is different so you have to make sure you follow each step exactly as described!

2) Your phone is on a Security patch afar March 2017 and you enabled No-root mode inside the app and put the phone to "High accuracy"? OK, move to 3 (not GPS only, "No-root mode" requires High accuracy in this Android configuration!). Please note that the "Update Interval" settings has no effect in this mode for these Security Patches and even if you change it, it doesn't matter!

3) Shutdown the phone for 10 minutes to have a clean start and reset the GPS signal. No, simply rebooting will not work as you need to clean the GPS signal cache, Turn it completely off for a whole 10 minutes ( not 1, not 2, not even 5, but at least 10 minutes or even better over-night for better results. This is needed only when the phone has been running for a long time and has a good GPS signal now). This will reset your real GPS signal.

4) Make sure you find a nice little spot inside a building where the GPS signal is bad. A bathroom works good, basements even better. As long as you are away from windows and not in the open! Yes, spoofing outside of buildings in No-root mode in High Accuracy is NOT recommended.

5) Start the phone and run Fake GPS - start and stop it a few times via the start button. Confirm with Google Maps that the location is stable. This is important. Make sure to start the spoofed app right after you opened Gooogle Maps. Do not wait long, a maximum of 5 seconds delay between starting Fake GPS and the spoofed app via Google Maps is recommended.

6) You are done! Read the limitations on the Joystick operation of "No-root" mode with the newest Security patches and watch all the videos on these channels! All of them, no really, all of them! Please note that what you might experience after about 30-60 seconds is not "rubberbanding", but a timeout which is documented inside the app warnings and also here - you need to restart the FAKE position before it "timeouts" due to the new Security patch.

7) Still not done? Test your real GPS signal with the GPS status app. GPS Status Play Store Link Go back to step 2 and run the GPS status app when the phone boots after 10 minutes being off (Fake GPS must be stopped!). The GPS status app needs to be running with the screen on so make sure the screen is on for at least 2-3 minutes. Test it in the location you want to spoof, preferably a location with bad GPS signal as explained above.

8) Is the GPS status app picking up satellites and finding a GPS signal, reading "Error(m)" and the value is below 30m? You will have to block the GPS signal! Either with a lot of tinfoil (we have this covered below as well, watch the video) or find another room with bad GPS signal away from windows or no windows at all.

9) No satellites and 0 error(m)? Good. Then if your phone is on an Android Version 6 and above before the March 2017 Security patch level you are set, enjoy spoofing in all it's glory. No limitations on the Joystick and Routes.

But if your phone is on a newer Security patch level date after and including March 2017 then you will still have to restart the Fake position from time to time as explained in the answer "No-root mode limitations" (timeout). Make sure to watch the included videos! If you don't like this timeout, then read the next bullet point and enable "Expert mode"(semi-advanced Android users only!) In Expert mode there will be no limitations.

That's it! If you follow the suggestions exactly as written there is no way to fail. We have tested at least 30 different devices and we have hundreds of thousands of user devices out there running the app without issue. So yes, if you follow everything as explained, you will be fine!

If you still have questions email us with a Screen recording from this app. Without a Screen recording we will not be able to help you and this will mean you have not read our FAQ and most likely get your email ignored. If the video is too long just upload it on a file sharing service like Dropbox or other. AZ Screen Recorder No root required

What is the new "Update interval" from the PRO Version?
The "Update Interval" settings has no effect in No-root mode for Security Patches since February 2017! For any other mode and setup read below: The Update interval tells the app how often it should force the location to your system.
The default value is 1000 ms (1 second). A higher value above 1000 means less frequent updates, which is good for your battery and your phone resources, but could lead to rubber banding.
Lower value such as 50ms is better when there is rubber banding, but could stress the battery and will increase the resources needed and could lead to the Android OS killing the service in the background.
You have to find the balance working best on your device.
Please note, that if your GPS signal is too strong (20 meters or less of a GPS error and a lot of satellites), even a lower value could lead to rubber banding, so you need to still make sure that the GPS signal is not very strong when lowering the update interval to 50. A GPS error of 10 or less meters will most certainly lead to rubber banding.

Please use this app to test your signal when Fake GPS is not engaged. GPS Status

Please read below how to fix this strong signal to avoid rubber banding or check the PRO apps with more options to kill the GPS signal, especially when the app runs as a system app.

The phone switches back and forth between fake and real position (rubber banding)?
To avoid switching between real and the faked location you will need to make sure only "GPS only" ("Device only" on some devices) is enabled! Under No root mode, High accuracy is the preferred option.
For optimum results you will need to grab a few layers from the kitchen tin foil around the back case of the phone to block the GPS signal if it is too strong (use the GPS Status to test your signal before engaging Fake GPS). Please also read the answer regarding the new "Update interval" setting.

I enabled mock locations and can't turn the option off?
The "mock location" settings is under "Developer settings". As of Android Jelly Bean you need to unhide the Developer settings. Click here for a tutorial
The older Android OS versions have the developer settings enabled per default.
We also added the option to the Menu Setting inside the app - the Menu Option is called "Developer settings". Press it and you will be redirected.

I uninstalled the app and now I can't get my real position (aka "MY PHONE IS DEAD YOU KILLED MY GPS!!11!")?
First, it is very important to properly stop the app via the stop button. Force stopping it or uninstalling it without properly stopping it *MIGHT* result in the fake location hanging in.
If it happens either reopen the app and stop it properly via the stop button, or disable Location Settings and then re-enable it with "High Accuracy" enabled or both. If you leave it at GPS only/Device only, the phone will need a lot of time to get a fix again and if your phone has a bad GPS, it will take even longer.

You also need to disable the Mock Location settings under Developer Settings

A restart of the phone could also help. You can also download a GPS tool app to recalibrate your GPS fix faster and speed up the process. GPS Status
If you follow the instructions correctly you will never experience this. We actually could not reproduce this behaviour over countless hours of developing time with the app, but even if it happens it is most likely due to the GPS being reset and you testing inside a building with bad GPS signal. Don't worry, you are safe!

So - your phone's GPS is NOT BROKEN, YOUR PHONE IS NOT BRICKED!!11!! - it just *MIGHT* need time to recalibrate, go outside, get some fresh air, breathe and wait 2-3 minutes under the clear sky to get a good fix, all will be good. We promise!

I can't use this or that app after using your app?
First of all, don't cheat. If you don't know what you are doing, then definitely don't cheat… The apps are probably checking the Mock location option under Developer Settings and you probably forgot to disable it. Make sure to disable Mock Locations or set it to "Nothing" (Android 6.0 and above) after leaving the app so that you can use these apps without cheating.

Can I spoof my location on the browser/Chrome/Netflix/Hulu/Showtime/ etc. etc.?
Yes and no - you will need a proxy (in addition to our app). You will also need a proxy in addition to our app for some 3rd party apps which will receive your location via your IP address. You can find a short guide on Proxies: What is a Proxy-Server?
You can setup a proxy IP by editing the WiFi settings on your Android Settings.

I see a bunch of coordinates after enabling something in Developer settings?
You did not enable "mock locations" but a setting very close to it called "Show pointer position". Go back to developer settings and disable it.

Can I use the app without mock locations?
The free app you can only use with mock locations. On Android 6.0 and above you can use the No-root mode, but mock locations must be enabled. If your phone is rooted and you know how to move an APK as a system app (don't use automated tools, read the paid FAQs for more details!) you can download the Pro version which can be used without mock locations enabled in two different blocking modes. Please download the app here: Fake GPS Pro or the app with Joystick and Routes
Fake GPS Routes and Joystick

What "Location Settings" do I need to set up on my phone?
A) Under "Non-root" Mode and/or "Expert Mode" you can set the device to "High accuracy". Under "Non-root Mode" you will still have to manually enable "Mock Locations", under "Expert Mode" you can leave the Mock Locations disabled. No root mode with the Wait dialog for No root mode you MUST use "High accuracy"!

B) In any other mode, to avoid switching between real and the faked location, you will need to make sure only "GPS only" ("Device only" on some devices) is enabled and to avoid using the app with "High accuracy". Google Tutorial on Location Settings

I have setup mock locations, how do I use the app now?
It is very simple - you double tap on the map and a pin will appear. You can move the pin around by holding it and moving it to find the best location (press the street view icon to show a street view representation of the spot). Once ready simply press play and when done press stop again. Youtube video tutorial

Warning message "Disconnected from GPS: No signal found on your device"?

The best solution is always to enable "Expert mode" in "GPS only" location settings on the pro app with joystick and routes, it works good. Check the other answers on how to do that (either with root or with a custom recovery such as TWRP)

If you can't enable expert mode, we are working on finding a solution to this problem as it is fairly new, but at the moment you can do the following:
Enable Android Location Setting "GPS only" (not "High accuracy"). Disable No-root mode (any of them). Find your position on the map and start the fake location. Repeat this a couple of times. You can also use the joystick to move around more precisely if you want. Then press stop and switch to the other app. You can confirm with Google maps if you want. The error will be gone. Block your GPS signal with tinfoil as described in our previous answer, until the GPS status bar is showing no signal and no satellites.

How to enable/disable "High Accuracy" on Android Pie (Android 9) and newer?
Please read the following article. You have to go to Location - Location accuracy - toggle on or off (on= High accuracy): Google Location settings Android pie

I can't open the menu (usually old Samsung devices)?
This should be fixed now, if not try holding down the left multitasking key (recent apps key) until you see the menu show up. Android Central Samsung menu button how to.

Can I input latitude and longitude values in the search bar?
Yes, the same way you can do that on Google. Format is "latitude, longitude" (Example: 37.4219999,-122.0862462)

The search for address, latitude and longitude does not work?
We received some emails about this issue, but we could not reproduce it as only a small number of people from remote countries have reported it. We assume that it is a quota limitation on your IP by Google if you searched too frequently. Please restart your device first. Might want to try another IP or through your mobile service provider(3G/4G) instead of your WiFi Network. You might also need to make sure you type the address correctly - full address, zip code and city if a simple search by address and city does not work.

If you disabled "Fused Locations" or other Google Services such as the Play or Location Services, using some root app tools the search will also not work.

What are the benefits of the Pro app?
No ads, a working joystick, automated routes along a way, Simulation of Bad Fix (move around location), Expert Mode, Favourites and History settings, more settings and better spoofing. Plus support of further development of the app.

Can I add waypoints to simulate route?
Yes, you can download our special app for routes and joystick Fake GPS Routes and Joystick

Can I use the app with a joystick to navigate?
Yes, you can download our special app for routes and joystick Fake GPS Routes and Joystick

I receive the error when downloading/updating the app from the Play Store (924, 110, 24 etc.)?
This is an issue with the Play Store app and not with the app. Just Google your error code or try this link: